• The Green Yogi

    is an eco-chic power yoga studio in Berkeley, CA and Manhattan Beach, CA. We specialize in power vinyasa and prenatal yoga. We’ve become known throughout California for our talented instructor team, impeccable cleanliness and excellent customer service. (We’ve consistently been voted as the best yoga studio in the South Bay!) At The Green Yogi you’ll find a committed, knowledgeable and caring team, dedicated to serving and guiding you on your path to happiness.

    Because we’re small and specialized, we’re able to get to know you on a personal level and ensure the highest quality yoga. We’re honored to provide a sanctuary in the heart of your community, a place where you can practice yoga in a fun, healing, stress-free environment. Both our Manhattan Beach and Berkeley yoga studios offer a full schedule of high-energy, music-filled power vinyasa classes seven days a week, along with prenatal, restorative and meditation classes. In our power vinyasa classes, instructors focus on teaching a vigorous, alignment-based class to increase strength and flexibility. Our prenatal yoga classes, offered in both our Berkeley and Manhattan Beach locations, are designed to strengthen the body and mind in preparation for childbirth and beyond, with a focus on breath work, stamina and relaxation techniques. We also offer online yoga classes for all levels through The Green Yogi Online.

    We welcome you to our yoga family and look forward to taking great care of you!

  • Power Yoga

    is a transformational practice that links breath to movement, building strength, flexibility and balance in body and mind. It is different than other forms of yoga in that it is high-energy, music-filled vinyasa flow classes.

    While it maintains the central principles of ancient yoga, power yoga goes well beyond the static, traditional postures of yoga.

    The Green Yogi seeks to make the practice accessible to men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Our classes are

How We Are Different

  • Customer service is our TOP priority! We take time to get to know you and care about your personal journey.
  • Cleanliness is VERY important to us. We spend a LOT of time making sure the studio sparkles!
  • Our expert Instructor Team are some of the most well-known and respected yoga professionals in Los Angeles.
  • We specialize in power vinyasa yoga. If you want the best instruction in power vinyasa yoga, we’re your studio! All of our classes have music and most are 60-75 minutes. We make sure every class on our schedule is a class we would want to take ourselves.
  • We believe in an ultra-light environmental footprint. We were one of the first yoga studios to have paperless check-in and registration and our studio waste is 100% recyclable. Every element of our studio has been selected with the environment in mind.
  • Our Gift to YOU

    3 classes for $25

    3 classes for $25

    To make it easy for new students to join, we offer 3 classes for only $25. That way you can try our instructors and classes at a reduced rate and see why so many people are changing their lives through The Green Yogi.

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  • Low
    Monthly Unlimited:

    Only $140

    Monthly Unlimited

    We believe yoga should be accessible to everyone. To help people who want to make yoga a regular practice, we offer unlimited classes for only $140. It starts the day you purchase and expires 30 days later. Simple, convenient and no contracts!

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A Full Service Yoga Studio

Through our eco-friendly studios, we offer yoga teacher training, yoga workshops and yoga retreats. (Please check our workshop listings under our schedule tab for a complete list of upcoming events!) We are known as the destination for many of the most sought after yoga teachers in California. We have beautiful and practical yoga gear and gifts in our retail boutique, and offer clean, filtered water, along with mat and yogitoes rentals. We even have a corporate partnership program with special deals for employees of local businesses – please reach out to info@nullthegreenyogi.com for more details!

It’s our goal to help you feel at home in our studio – please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything more we can do to improve your experience.


Power yoga excels at transforming your body. It combines strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular benefits. It is a complete workout for your body and mind.

All of us come to yoga from different paths and each needs something different. Our yoga classes give you an opportunity to experience what it is to be accepted, exactly as you are. This is a “you focused” practice offering energy, freedom, rest, challenge, and laughter in every class. Our studio is a safe place without judgments. We are here to empower you to be the best you can be!!

We don’t want to limit you in any way. Offering ALL LEVELS classes gives you the option to attend any class you want, without being limited by a specific “level.” Our skilled instructors give modifications throughout the class and encourage you to listen to what your body needs. You decide when to adjust a posture, rest longer or go deeper based on what’s right for you in each moment.
We suggest you pre-register always! You can sign up or cancel your spot in class up to one min before the class starts. If you have a class package and you do not cancel your spot, the class will automatically be deducted. You can sign up and cancel online in the Mind Body app after you out our registration form or click here to pre-register online.
Our classes are comfortably warm (78-80 degrees), not hot. We believe that heat needs to be generated from you, not the furnace. So when you sweat, it’s an indicator of how hard you’re working, not how hot the room is. When you do yoga in a hot room, it gives you an artificial sense of flexibility. This often leads to over-stretching and injuries. We like to let the body heat up naturally, so you are aware of your edge at all times.
You should bring your yoga mat, towel and water. Be prepared to sweat. Wear light, easy-to-move-in clothing. You can bring your water bottle and fill it up at our cooler or we have eco-friendly cups in our reception area. We rent mats and towels for $2.
Yes. We rent yoga mats for $2.
We do not believe you need one more thing to worry about so we are one of the very few studios in the US that have class packages that NEVER expire!
  • Manhattan Beach Location: There is meter parking on Highland Avenue and Rosecrans. There is also a metered parking lot on the corner of Highland and Rosecrans. The meters take credit card and change. There is also free parking in the neighborhood behind the studio, but it fills up fast, so get a spot early. There is now FREE weekend parking on Bell St in the Manhattan Public Works Construction Parking Lot!
Yes! You can take your favorite Green Yogi instructors with you anywhere. Check out The Green Yogi Online for a large variety of online yoga classes and tips to improve your practice. (Interested? Click “Online Yoga Classes” in the top right corner of this page for a free 5-day trial!)
Yes! We have a corporate partnership program and offer generous discounts to employees of local businesses. Please reach out to info@nullthegreenyogi.com to get started!
“We are committed to serving you on your path to happiness and welcome you to our yoga family!”The Green Yogi Team