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In honor of National Yoga Month enjoy a free week of yoga at The Green Yogi!

New students only. Offer expires September 30th.


Click here to download your pass from Yoga Health Foundation ยป





Join Sesa O'Conner in her new time slot Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. We've received such great feedback on Sesa's classes, we just couldn't resist adding her to the regular schedule. Enjoy!



100 HOUR PRE & POSTNATAL ELECTIVE with Julie Rader and Chelsea Rothert


In this training, you will learn how to safely and creatively guide women through their pre and postnatal yoga practice. Learn about the stages of labor, breath-ing techniques, yoga postures, and meditations that will prepare mothers for de-livery. Postnatally, learn how to rebuild the pelvic floor muscles, abdominal strength, relieve sore shoulders, stimulate milk production and restore overall balance in the body.


This elective will use Chelsea Rothert's birth doula background and Julie Rader's birth experiences to give you a comprehensive understanding on a woman's journey through motherhood.


Click here for details and registration »

(space is limited, so register early!)


Dates: September 9th - November 13th

Days/Times: Tuesday + Thursdays 11:30am-3:30pm
Instructors: Julie Rader and Chelsea Rothert
Price: $1400



150 HOUR FOUNDATION TEACHER TRAINING with Linda Baffa and Wendy Garafalo


This course serves as the basis to a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification. It is based in a deep understanding of classic salutations, postures and breath-work while enhanced with an uplifting study of energetic flow. Trainees receive supportive and honest feedback and develop a strong connection with their personal practice


Click here for details and registration »

(space is limited, so register early!)


Dates: September 12th 2014 - February 22nd 2015

Days/Times: Fri 7:30pm-10pm, Sat 12:30pm-6:30pm, Sun 12:30pm-4pm

* 6-Month Format, meets every other weekend: Sept 12-14 & 26-28, Oct 10-12 & 24-26, Nov 7-9 & 21-23, Dec 5-7, Jan 9-11 & 23-25, Feb. 6-8 & 20-22
Instructors: Linda Baffa and Wendy Garafalo
Price: $2,100



50 HOUR THERAPEUTICS ELECTIVE with Wendy Garafalo and Chelsea Rothert


Learn how to teach therapeutic yoga to students with COPD, heart conditions, cancer, orthopedic injuries, and autoimmune disorders. You will also learn how to work with prenatal and post natal women, how to teach restorative poses and yoga nidra meditation. The first weekend focuses on Orthopedic injuries and the second weekend is dedicated to Prenatal & Postnatal teaching. The third weekend teaches about autoimmune disorders, cancer, yin & restorative postures. The final weekend is discussion, practicum, and graduation.


Click here for details and registration »

(space is limited, so register early!)


Dates: Sept 19-21, October 17-19, November 14-16, December 12-14

Days/Times: Fri 7:30pm-9:30pm, Sat 12:30pm-6:30pm, Sun 12:30pm-4pm
Instructors: Chelsea Rothert and Wendy Garafalo
Price: $700





We are so excited to honor Kim Pickerell as our Manduka Sponsored Yogi of the month for September! Since September 2013 Kim has taken close to 200 classes and has been inspiring our entire team with her dedication and positive energy in the studio. Congratulations Kim! We are honored to have you in our yoga family!


Click here to learn more about Kim »




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