Eco ConsciousHow We Are Eco-Conscious

The common idea is that anything sustainable or eco-conscious has to be sparse or spiritless. At The Green Yogi, we’ve created a space that is not only eco and sustainable, but also chic and inviting.

Our Eco-Choices:

  • FSC certified lumber (they plant a tree for every tree cut down)
  • Formaldahide-free MDF (pressed saw-dust)
  • I Artificial grass (saves water + made of natural nylon fibers)
  • Energy saving lights (Eco Smart dimmable lights)
  • Low VOC paints from Benjamine Moore
  • Natural Poly fill pillows (not feather)
  • 100% recycled cups
  • Spectrum Water Filtration system so students can refill water bottles and reduce plastic
  • Sell and Use only eco-friendly yoga mats with no PVC
  • All printing done on recycled card stock
  • Recycled Polyester curtains
  • Reclaimed furnishings
  • Treecycle- 100% recycled paper towels
  • Panasonic Environmental Phone: Stand-by Power consumption reduced by 63%
  • All studio waste is 100% recyclable